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What is verification?

Verified badges are granted to creators and collectors that show enough proof of authenticity and active dedication to the marketplace. We are looking at multiple factors such as active social media presence and following, dialogue with community members,number of minted and sold items.

How to get a "verified" badge?

From your profile, click "Edit Profile" (top right), and at the end of the page, click the "Verify me" button.
Here are some tips on getting it right.
  • Filled-in profile on Kephi Gallery: user pic + cover + custom link
  • Links to at least 2 social media profiles What we're looking for is active social media presence with a history, sharing your artworks, participating in the community. Large followers base is a plus. Mass-following raises questions.
  • Behind the screens/work in progress If you're a creator, show us the backstage of the work process on one of the minted items. If you’re a collector and it's not applicable, we will take a look at the items you previously purchased.
  • The story behind your account Tell us about yourself! Why are you on Kephi Gallery? What are you selling/collecting? What is the concept of your art?

It's been a while and I don't get verified. Why?

If you're not verified within a week since submitting your request, most likely you didn't provide enough information, or your Kephi account is not active enough.
Please note that the team reserves the right to not grant the verified badges without further explanation, as we receive hundreds of requests on a daily basis.
However, don't let it discourage you! The verified badge is not the key to success on the marketplace. Fill in your profiles, make more sales or purchases, and try one more time later.
Good luck!
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What is verification?
How to get a "verified" badge?
It's been a while and I don't get verified. Why?