Mint & sell your NFT
Publishing your artwork on Kephi Galleri is very easy.

Connect your wallet to the site

Go to the Kephi Gallery site and connect your wallet using the orange CONNECT button at the top right to connect, or see the wallet tutorial.
You do not need to become a user to use the site, just link your wallet!
When you press the button, your wallet will require you to confirm, and sign the order.
Once you do that, the CREATE button, located in the top right corner of the page, will be enabled, and you can now mine your first NFT!

Create an NFT

Then you will have to choose whether to upload your work as a single object or as part of a multiple object.
Select "Single" or "Multiple", depending on if you want to create several copies of the collectible item or not
Single objects are exactly that: a single copy of a digital file. Multiple objects are multiple copies of the same digital file.
  • Upload your artwork in gif, jpeg, png, webp, mp3 or mp4 format.
  • Choose to put it for sale. This will allow other people to buy it.
  • Select whether you want to set an instant sale price or generate an auction.
    • If you select "Instant bid price", your NFT will only be sold when the buyer pays the price you want.
    • If you deselect "Instant bid price", your NFT will be put up for auction, with a minimum purchase value that you set.
    • ​
  • Set the price of your piece, and the currency in which you want to sell it. Remember that if you select KPHI, the service fee will be half that in other currencies!!!
  • Choose the collection in which you want to upload your work (in case it exists), or create your own collection.
Now you must complete the following unmodifiable attributes:
  • Name of your work
  • Description
  • Royalty percentage. You will receive this percentage of the sale price of all secondary sales of your NFT, for being an original author :)
  • Properties and Value. These fields are optional, but they are very useful in case you want to create a collection where each item has specific attributes that interact with other items in the same collection. You can add more property boxes
  • Click on the CREATE button to upload your artwork!
And that's it! You now have your artwork in Kephi Gallery.
Be sure to publicize your artwork in your networks to attract collectors!